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Anh Nguyen, B.Comm, CMP

If the Spark Event Collective had a face, it would probably look and sound a lot like Anh. She is our hustler and resident closer, who leads our business development and branding efforts. She thinks she has the easiest job on the team because convincing people to trust their events to this community of talented planners is such a privilege - it doesn’t even feel like work.


Anh founded Spark Event Management, an award-winning, full-service event management firm, from which the Collective is spun off from. Having experienced first-hand the challenges, excitement, disappointments, and thrill of entrepreneurship, she is passionate about supporting independent planners in the pursuit of their professional goals.


Anh possesses over 15 years of event design, production, and management experience. She has managed everything from intimate corporate functions to large, international events and is known for her keen eye for detail while being able to lead, inspire and manage large, global teams.


She’s won a tonne of awards, is internationally recognized as an industry leader, and has accomplished a bunch of cool things that you can Google, but she is most proud and passionate about her 2-year-old daughter, Elliot, who challenges, inspires, and motivates her every day to (drink!) and to build something awesome for future generations.

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Stephanie Barkley, CMP, CMP

Stephanie is the Collective’s Santa Claus. If there’s a list, you can bet she has checked it twice. Our resident administration, finance, process and list leader, Stephanie is responsible for our standard operating procedures and process management.  Her keen attention to detail, obsessive love of lists, rules, regulations, and instructions ensures that every planner in the collective is well-trained and is set up to successfully deliver to our standards.


Stephanie, or “Steph”, as she’s known to the Collective, founded her own event management firm, Mosaic Event & Travel Management and gets how important the right operational backbone is for a business’ success. Steph brings that strong operational mind and background to the team.


Stephanie has over 20 years of experience planning and implementing events. Most of her project work has been for non-profits, government, and associations, so she has extensive experience guiding committees (read: herding cats!) to translate ideas into execution.


Stephanie loves to travel and help others have memorable experiences, including traveling through the Rockies with her husband and fur baby.

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Jade Piraux

If we could put, Get Shit Done, on a business card, that is what we’d put on Jade's card. Oh wait, I guess we can? As our Client Experience & Engagement Manager, Jade is responsible for supporting our team of independent planners. She manages their assignments, providing project oversight and ensuring our clients receive consistent, high-level service.

Jade is a natural people leader who thrives in high-pressure and fast-paced situations - she loves this environment so much that she spent over 10 years working with C-level finance executives.

Jade is tough as nails on the outside (ask her about her Disney Villain notebook), but she is a deeply passionate, supportive leader who works relentlessly to ensure our planners have access to ongoing coaching, mentorship and support. 

Jade's bio would probably be funnier but she's very pragmatic, matter of fact, and logical so she discouraged us from adding a joke.

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